If you're not able to join us, we hope you enjoy our recorded sermons below.  

No growth in the Christian life is possible without growing in love for God’s words. Main Street UMC is a Bible believing church that cherishes scripture and listens to God’s words. We study, meditate, contemplate and obey them. This is a church that takes the scriptures seriously, and invites people to deepen their passion for the Bible.

One cannot love God and God’s words without coming to a deepening love for God’s people of every ethnicity and culture. We cannot love a God that we can’t see if we can’t love God’s people that we can see who are created in his image. In this diverse world, every person is infinitely valuable, lovable and redeemable; therefore our congregation seeks to be an intimate, multi-ethnic, multi-generational body of believers.


Our desire is to bring everyone to an experience of authentic Christian community. 

Main Street UMC

Main Street UMC

Main Street UMC
06.26.22  Sunday Service

06.26.22 Sunday Service

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06.26.22  Renew Service

06.26.22 Renew Service

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06.19.22  Sunday Service

06.19.22 Sunday Service

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06.19.22  Renew Service

06.19.22 Renew Service

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